Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still here...

Sorry for disappearing, I left for Canada to my home town and then to Winnipeg where a bookstore group will sell Emperor of Mars in their stores. It's also a chance to "visit" as they  say. Also have a dozen DVD's of Ghostkeeper for the Deer Lodger Hotel. Seems they will keep a few and sell the others to guests.

Not a major sale to HBO, but hell, it's still a sale.

Tomorrow I will be one of those sad authors sitting at a desk in a little bookstore in Swan River (Pop 4800) which is a farming community. Next Tues I do the same thing in Winnipeg. I really, really don't like it as I've seen too many authors sitting alone in the back of a bookstore hoping someone will buy their book.

I'll be here for 2 weeks, then back to LA and will now resume blogs. Thanks for hanging around.

BTW, the pic above was taken in Idaho, a really well built house even though it's old

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