Friday, February 24, 2012

Ads and Oscars

You've probably noticed (or maybe not) three ads on the top left of the blog. I haven't really taken sponsors before but had an opportunity to advertise my book, Emperor of Mars, in exchange for one, the Jobs link. It was only for one month and will end next week. In exchange I had a banner for EOM on their website for 30 days.

The other one is similar, but at least valuable to readers as it offers comparisons of video editing software and digital cameras. This will last for a month at most.

And finally there's two new ones I added today, an indie film that needs some advertising and while they had nothing else to offer, I figured the least I could do is help them. Thus you'll see a link to their trailer and a link to the screenwriter's interview.

I end the week with 20 pages of my Christmas Train screenplay, I never write on week-ends, or at least almost never, as those are my days off and I don't do anything. Well, maybe a little editing on FCP for my Ghostkeeper trailer.

The big deal this week-end, of course, is the Academy Awards, lots of parties at all levels A to D, as they say. I also have a producer considering a screenplay I wrote some years ago so I'll see what happens with that next week.

Weather is warm, sky is blue, a lazy week-end ahead. 

One more thing; looks like my novel Emperor of Mars has passed into the 2nd tier of a novel contest on Amazon, winner gets $15,000 and a publishing deal. Wouldn't that be nice. But there's 999 others in the second tier.


  1. Jim what is the status for Ghostkeeper on dvd from Code Red? I thought it was coming out this month, and its not even available for pre-order at Amazon yet.


    1. Didn't see this reply, posted info below.

  2. Bryan, yes, Code Red is behind for all thos inexplicable reasons, but I got a copy of the final last Tuesday and it looks good. Quality is way better from the 35mm print than that horrible VHS video. Commentary is pretty good, me and Murray Ord and Riva Spier and a host, we keep it moving and had a good time.

    But the best is Georgie Collins, who plays "the ghostkeeper", she was 56 at the time and is now 87 I think, and sharp as a whip. She's on an extra as well as John Holbrook, the DP.

    Code Red has sent it out to make the dvds Monday, hopefully by the 1st week of March. I had a problem with the commentary, there's an echo in the movie soundtrack, but it ain't a major studio release so I gotta do the best I can.

  3. Wow, makes me wish there were a Blu-Ray coming out also. Thanks for the reply. I'm really looking forward to this.
    Thanks again,

  4. Thanks for your interest, Bryan.