Thursday, August 11, 2011

No blog today, editing

Can't do blog today, I'm slowly going crazy with my editing of extras for Ghostkeeper. One of the cameramen in Canada decided to do 2 soundtracks, ambient sound and the sound on a lavalier mic on Georgie Collins.

What this means is lots of extra work for me, usually all I need is a single audio track from one mic, but no, it can't be that easy. I'm going from my Mac to my PC, where I find videos on Youtube and articles on how to sync different tracks.

It all seems so easy until I try it. Then nothing works.

I'm also not a particular tech editor, I can edit well enough but more from the creative side than the mechanical side. I can drive my car great but don't ask me to replace the engine or find out what's wrong with the transmission.

That's about the way I feel right now.


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