Saturday, June 18, 2011


How did I find myself in Ohio?

I had planned this trip a few months ago, flew to Detroit and drove thru Ohio to my friend's place outside of New York. This is my "get acquainted with old friends and family" trip, which I do from time to time.

It's a full trip, seeing a cousin in New Jersey Sunday and then another cousin back in Detroit. He and I will go visit the last living sister of my deceased mother, Aunt Nellie, who's 98 years old and still wonders why I stay in "Hollywood" as she likes to say.

Then I drive across the river to Windsor, where it all started for me, that little TV station that launched my life in movies and television. It's where I  met and married a wonderful woman who was also at the TV station. We split up a few years after and now, after 26 years, we're reconnected again, one of those Facebook things.

There's also my two high school buddies and a load of memories that I always enjoy.

But, on the movie side... it looks like I have at least 3 producers interested in my new spec, Christmas Carole, and I think a few more might be interested in the coming weeks.  I've been told Hallmark has it's quota for the year, but I also know that anything can happen.

It's very green here.

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