Thursday, March 17, 2011


Still working on the proposal, I'm about a week behind and contacted the two parties that have expressed interest in Ghostkeeper 2 but I also squeezed in a small polish on the screenplay.

I'm not sure how others work at this but I find that my best time to work is in the morning, after lunch I am truly bored and tired. But then again, the work I do in the morning is pretty intensive, I can type for a good four hours before I stop.

But there are those moments when I wonder why I'm attempting this at all. I left the security of a full-time job in 1979 and in the 30-some years of being a freelancer, have learned the inevitable rejections that come with the territory. 

In fact the majority of the work I did was either rejected or ended due to the producers not finding funds. Ghostkeeper was a combination of being in the right place at the right time with the right people. And you can spend the rest of your life looking for that combination and never finding it again.

But then again, some people never find it.

A lot of my friends remind me that, after being in the business nearly 40 years, I am still in the game with at least a chance.  To be honest, some days I don't realize how old I am, other days make me wonder why I continue.

But then, I was doing that at 25.

What's bothering me now is that one of my major supporters on Ghostkeeper 2 has bowed out, not because of the project, but rather he doesn't really want to do it anymore. According to him, it's not me or anyone, he's just been burned too many times and feels he can't come up with the energy and focus that is demanded.

He'll be on the sidelines cheering, but feels he's simply too old to keep doing this.

I remind  him that Clint Eastwood, at 80, is preparing to shoot the 3rd for 4th remake of A Star Is Born. And Robert Altman was in his 80's before he died. And John Huston directed his last movie with oxygen tanks at his side.

My favorite answer to retirement is this; I'll retire when my face falls down on the keyboard. And when they bury me I want my laptop with me just in case I come up with a good idea.

A joke? Not at all. This business and wanting to walk on the moon were and continue to be the only things I ever wanted so why would I quit?

And after my friend dropping out, another friend appeared to take his place. So now I have a little more support, just enough to keep going and finish this damn proposal and get the artwork from the artist and start the really hard part of developing a project;

Finding $2 million dollars.

(Mon: Easy money?)

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