Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to Life

Finally wrapped up the funeral and house sale of my mom's home.  Lots of interesting things happened, the best of which I connected with my ex-wife whom I haven't seen since 1986 and reconnected with my brother's ex-wifeEileen and my terrific niece Rica, who is quite the girl.whom I haven't seen since 1986. I am almost back on the blog, apologize for the drop in postings, but right now things look bright; sold a screenplay, starting to work on a documentary and also a rewrite of a screenplay I wrote a few years ago, which I intend to direct very soon.

So hang in there, I have lots of stories left and some interesting views on Hollywood after spending 5 weeks in ozone territory (a term favored by studios and networks and referring to that great expanse of country between L.A. and NYC).

It really was a month of sadness, rediscovery, sentiment, hope and inspiration. Life don't get much better.

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  1. Awesome congrats good to hear someone selling there script. Good Luck.