Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I've been on the road for the last 4 days, having flown to Calgary Friday, spending the week-end with my brother and readying for the long trip, 833 miles, across the frozen prairies of western Canada in my dad's faithful 95 Sable, which, like my mother, continues to amaze us with it's resilience.

Calgary was hit with -38C the day I arrived, and Edmonton, it's comparable city 150 miles north was declared the coldest spot in the world.

In the world!!

Colder than the Arctic and Antarctic. 

Since weather determines whether you tackle the great Trans Canada Highway or not, I waited an extra day then filled myself with Tim Horton Coffee and headed east. The weather was still -25, but the roads were bare (good) and very few cars (good if nothing happens to the Sable... more on that later).

Along the way, in Regina, I passed the little TV station where I worked as a writer/producer doing commercials for local car dealers and pizza joints and documentaries of the province itself. Made a lot of long-time friends there, and it even spawned a TV series Pilot I wrote last year called "Welcome to Television City" which I hope will get picked up.

Wednesday I meet Dane in Winnipeg to discuss Travel Day and also have some meetings with some old friends who also are interested in one of my other projects. Also squeezed in a few more meetings so it looks like it'll be a good 2 days even if the weather is -30 with windchill.

But the good news is it's dropping to -10 by the week-end.

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