Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some return calls

Got some return calls from two producers, one a commercial production house, who said they liked the screenplay and would pass it over to their money people.  A nice call to get, I'm not sure if they will invest, but at least they had the motivation to try.  I also got a return email from Hank, the presales person, who still had an interest in possibly meeting and discussing the potential. 

Two good replies before noon? 
I think I earned a lunch out.
Remember my reward system? Always reward yourself for even the smallest positive forward motion.

And on the that subject, many of my friends agree that I am of the "never give up" type.  I only wish that it were true, but then most of it is. I learned that from highschool football. The first time I put on cleats and realized they were torture on feet, and then the bruises and cuts  from the game.  But the coach told me it would get easier, just take one day at a time.  Sure enough, by the time our first game came, I was as ready as anyone else.

And to this day, I live my life by that simple phrase, one day at a time.  When I taught extension screenwriting at UCLA, I used that often for aspiring writers who were overwhelmed with writing a 100-page screenplay.

One page at a time.  

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