Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slow day

Nothing happening today. No calls and it's overcast.

As of 5pm PST, these are my accomplishments today:

  • 12:00pm Had bowl of chili with Shirley at Chili John's. Her first time, she had vegetarian.
  • 02:00     No calls.
  • 02:00     Cleaned living room windows.  
  • 03:00      Mailed letter to WGA.
  • 03:30     Had passionfruit ice tea at Starbucks even though there's too many people there who look like me. 
  • 04:00     Went to Goodwill store up the street in Sherman Oaks and scored a designer shirt for $2.99. 
  • 04:30    No calls.
  • 04:30    Looked at my Mac where I have a documentary I'm supposed to edit and decided I wasn't in the creative mood today. 
  • 05.00   Time to relax and watch political talk shows till dinner. Not sure what I want for dinner either.
  • 05:11   No calls or emails

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