Thursday, October 28, 2021


Sorry to not continue my writing on driving around from my work from the past until I find writing that but not sure if I can. For now I'll write today's writing with dropping in now and then on. Thanks for reading, especially the stories of driving in the 80's. I'll also keep writing now about stories now and then. But getting older get's older will find stories now and then.

Saturday, October 23, 2021


After driving for 13 hours straight, I've gotten my second wind and I feel like I can drive all night. I've gotten all night. This ought to last for an hour or two - then will see. And once again, I'm driving towards Canada on an American route, in this case Hwy 52, coming up to Bowbells, ND,  in this case is getting Doesn't that sound like an inviting place. Anyways, the is getter narrow place lonier and snow drifts across the roads. Looks like a really cold night out there. I wouldn't want to stall with the sweetheart. Sure hope she makes it. Perhaps I should slow down, not overwork the engine. I slow down a little, not overwork the engine. Well, once again, I'm in your hands.

How come the roads are so much smaller when you come to Canada, then when you get on the Canadian side, it's like a huge expressway, just reminds me of how isolated it is in southern part of Canada is  driving through here the first part of driving the first time you would expect to find Canada as in isolated willderness with fur trappers and miles of nothing. Rather it's the opposite of here, cities, cable and expressways. ND has a population of just over  700,000 while Saskatchewn across the border has nearly 1 million, most of which are spread out, it's southern part even though it's over four times as big.Now, just to make things a little more interesting, if it wasn't, if wasn't snow and cold  to the border with snow, or ice fog or ice fog that clouds across the road so thickly you can't see the ground.

Friday, October 22, 2021

 Following 83 again, I know where it ends. Almost as of now. Almost as of now, we are right at this point, back on the same road that old sweetheart was on in 1977 on her maiden trip in June 1977 almost March entering and Minot and we're talking expressways here. I mean this is a town of thirty thousand people vitually  in the middle of nowhere (there's a lot of nowhere on the plains). It's got an expressway that rings the town, it's got big green freeway signs, MacDonalds. There's people making money here. Just at highway 52 6:33, about I saw a coyote standing in a gulley watching, watching traffic go by. Seemed very calm and thinking about the same things I'm thinking about the town, it's got big green freeway signs, McDonald's and then both of us are what the hell all these cars doing on the road here. After driving for 13 hours here?

Ruled rules for two-way highways vs: about road rules, why is it some people think that rules are meant for other people and not them. I'm driving behind a behind a car truck and we go up a hill where there is a slow lane. He stays in the lane that says slow traffic keep even though there. The greatest sin is man kind. It's an insult to a man to be considered slower than the car behind him. It's not possible . That lane is only for women, children, handicapped handicapped , Chinese. Maybe we should change change the sign something else. It's weird. After driving for 13 hours straight, I've gotten my second wind and I feel like I can drive all night. This ought to last for an hour or two - then we'll see. 

Thursday, October 21, 2021


The old Towne House Cafe and Lounge - chicken fried steak. I passed on the 32 oz  Townhouse Sirloin special. I don't I can two pounds of beef at one sitting. The chicken fried steak, a standard of road travel comes the way should, breaded as opposed to chicken gravy, american fries, side of vegetables, salad bars, no de-caf coffee, cowboys don't drink decaf.  Outside dusty dirty main street, trucks and cars dragging the gut. Somewhere here, is the corn Palace , having seen 2 great blondes by the street on the street, Chevy passes by, looking, 2 Chev passes by looking as old as a 62 should look look. Inside the cafe,  Interesting  place, across the street and called the Majestic , there's a hundred or more people playing a dart turnment, there having fun playing a dart tournement they're having

Outside, dusty, dirty main street, trucks and cars "dragging the gut". Somewhere  here, is the corn Palace, haven't seen 2 great looking blondes pass by on the street. I'd marry either of them - or both. Tuesday night passes  by a 62 Chev passes by - or both. looking as old Chev should look, it hasn't been redone - suppose the question here why, it runs.. Interesting place across the street there's a hundred or more, they're having fun. The waitress told me about a store open at night - Shopco, just up the street so were going there. I pass by the Corn Palace Hall, inside there's a hundred and more people so we're going. Press by the corner, there station is KORN, get it. The Palace is closed and dark. A whole car load of girls pass me, dragging the gut. Check the plates, can't see the forty-is half balding guy give a look maybe. But they like the car feels good at attention.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Again, I feel the dust of the town trying to find the Shopco store and I end up in the darkness, remembering again I'm on prairie with the town behind me. I stop the car to turn around, cursing I missed the Shopco and suddenly see the full moon behind me. Large enough to throw a lasso around. Maybe some have arrived. Coming through the clouds. And above me  - stars but not a few stars - I'm talking hundreds of millions of stars. I've just broken a major rule of travel - I've critics  the town I'm in. Waterloo. I'm sorry, I don't know what it's like to live there so I should complain. As a critisized  traveler I feel guilty.

The morning of the 23rd, through South Dakota - 1-90 west of Mitchell. Ducks, through South Dakota everywhere, it's just incredible. They're all flying northwards - hundreds, maybe thousands. I feel sad that many will end up in the sits of hunters and realize this is the way things are. But somethings so free and so purposeful shouldn't complain. I eat. A farmer shooting a few ducks to eat doesn't bother me, but wealthy corporate heads from Chicago or Los Angeles paying to come up and shoot something they really don't need bothers me. Listening to a S.D. radio station, the dj's talk about seeing the geese last night and at morning. Refreshing change from murder, accidents and pollution index's.

Just above me is a flock or whatever of ducks/geese, probably is about 2 - 300 flying  overhead. It's incredible. They turn, they fly forward, such precision . It's incredible, they turn, they fly forward, such precision something very powerful about the image, sounds of them another year, they  like another about the image, sounds of them another, they like me, . I realize are returning over and will continue to go until they 're shot or old. Now I don't feel so bad about repeating my life. There must be a purpose to it. Ducks don't think of dying and therefore aren't plagued by self-doubt or meaning or purpose in life. They just live it every day.